Albanian oil consortium bidding for CF Malaga

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Rezart Taci could be the new owner of CF Malaga
There are now emerging reports in the Spanish media that there are good reasons for the hold up in the desperately needed cash infusion to CF Malaga by their Qatari owners to pay down the club’s debts and outstanding salaries of their players.
The Al-Thani family is negotiating the sale of CF Malaga to a consortium backed by Taci Oil Albania owned by Rezart Taci, through Moayad Shatat, the senior manager of the NAS group. Shatat arrived at Malaga two days ago to ostensibly takeover the everyday running of the club and to resolve the outstanding debt crisis at the club. However, it would appear now that he’s the point person in the club’s sale to the consortium.
Taci Oil, is the largest retail supplier and wholesale distributor of oil and petroleum products within Albania.
Their trading arm is Anika Enterprises, a Geneva, Switzerland-based company, which represents their oil interests globally and also their nascent sporting ventures. The company has stakes in football club Bologna and is one of AC Milan’s main sponsors. They manage the Milan Junior Camp, in Albania and Kosovo, an annual camp that provide over 600 children per year from the ages of 8 to 16 an opportunity to meet and train with the sport’s biggest names.
The company generated €81.6m in revenue last year and is a big name player in the emergence of the Balkan oil market. The owner, Rezart Taci has been quite vocal in his ambitions of a Milan takeover two years ago when Silvio Berlusconi expressed his frustration that none of his children appeared interested in running the club after his retirement.
The Malaga buyout is also being backed by Russian and Ukranian investors. Earlier we had conjectured the reasons why it would be in the best interests of the Al-Thani’s to end their association with Malaga. It would seem that is exactly what is happening.
What this means is that the players future within the club became a bit more murky. The Liga begins in less than a month, and the focus will be on the takeover. It could add more pressure to the new investors to sell Santi Cazorla for the right price to bring the debt down and save on his wages. Arsenal may stand to gain with their present bid of €20m.

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