Gylfi Sigurdsson spurns Liverpool for Spurs

Andre Villas Boas wasted no time bringing Gylfi Sigurdsson to White Hart
Gylfi Sigurdsson was supposed to be Liverpool bound in a re-union with former Swans boss Brendan Rodgers except Andre Villas Boas managed to spirit him away to White Hart Lane. Sigurdsson was hot property after his performance lit up Swansea’s season on loan from Hoffenheim.
Villas Boas is also contemplating a move for Joao Moutinho as Luka Modric’s future at Spurs is generally regarded as over. Spurs are also working out some last wrinkles in Jan Vertonghen’s contract but the Ajax defender is strongly tipped to arrive shortly.
Spurs offered Hoffenheim £8m while Liverpool went no better than £6.8m as per reports. The question is whether he can fit in the 4-3-3 system that Villas Boas favours. As for Brendan Rodgers it’s not just transfer money that is of concern, it is his ability to sell Liverpool to his transfer targets.

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