Charlie Adam goes to Stoke

The Liverpool legend has been sold to Stoke: Times are tough at Anfield
Charlie Adam who spanked the ball around with authority on the pitch and was mobbed off it as if he was Mick Jagger is departing for Stoke on a four year deal. In his closing statement the gap toothed legend said, ” Gareth Bale may run but he cannot hide” and then he was gone. Poof. Just like that. Leaving millions of Liverpool fans feeling empty, strung out, and shoveling bags of Cheetos into their maw.
Andy Carroll, that pony tailed, long legged colt has gone to the Hammers on loan as Brendan Rodgers brings Swansea style to Liverpool. The lone striker up top disconnected from the rest of the pitch occasionally batting balls with his head is not how Rodgers sees football. With £35m heavy ones paid for him, he will be loaned out repeatedly to recover money, and then sold eventually.

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