Pepe takes out Casillas as Jonas scores Valencia’s equalizer

A couple of observations: This goal would not have been scored if Iker Casillas had stayed on the line. That was his mistake. But even the slimmest of chances punching the ball away evaporated after he got into the way of an out of control Pepe who launches himself with the single purpose of annihilating Jonas. As it were it was Casillas clashing heads with Pepe and coming down partially concussed as Pepe lay on the pitch with a nasty cut on his forehead.
All this happened while a blissfully unaware Jonas scored the goal with his header as cool as you like. He must have been surprised to see the body count it took after he turned around to celebrate.
His strike leveled Valencia with Real after they had gone up with Gonzalo Higuain’s goal which came after a tennis match between him and Diego Alves.

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