Song is on his way to Barcelona

Is that tiki taka on his mind?
Arsene Wenger pretty much admits it. The negotiations are in the advanced stage with the arrival of Josep Maria Bartomeu and Raul SanllehĂ­ to London two days ago to discuss terms of his transfer. There is just haggling over money.
It’s amazing how Barca get behind a transfer when they want one. The players carry out a intense psy-ops campaign to win the heart and minds of the targeted players welcoming him to the warm embrace of the Camp Nou talking up how invaluable he would be to them. The media are recruited and there is a never ending churn of articles to make him feel like he’s the best thing since sliced bread. We don’t just envy what Barca does on the pitch, it brings its tight interlocking possession tiki taka game to its transfer activities.
The kicker with Nuri Sahin who’s looked on as a replacement is that he’s now more likely to go to Liverpool which means if Arsenal want him then they need to start making the case directly to the player. Fan out Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, and Thomas Vermaelen out onto the airwaves and social media to bring Sahin to the Emirates. Yes, despicable me, does that sound like what Barca would do?

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