Cristiano Ronaldo: I, Narcissus

Narcissus_Cristiano Ronaldo1.jpg
“You’ll never stop loving me, will you, oh beautiful reflection?”
‘Tis not about the money. Cristiano Ronaldo feels unloved by his club, his manager, his locker room, and his fans.
” In regard to the Santiago BernabĂ©u faithful, he still lays the blame on the fans for not unanimously defending him on the day he was booed and for not worshiping him every time he scores a goal.”
“I am sad”, has set off cataclysms that threaten to dwarf the Spanish economic crisis.
For satirists, this is an embarrassment of riches. Ronaldo’s “I am sad” or Sepp Blatter’s comparison of Ronaldo to a “modern day slave” when Utd refused to let him go to Real Madrid. Which do you find more ludicrous? It’s all about inflated self worth.
For shrinks, a case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, isn’t it?

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