World Cup qualifiers: England crush hapless Moldova, 5-0

Frank Lampard collects a brace from a spot kick and a header. Jermain Defoe combines with Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain in an Arsenal- Spurs hook up to score a third. James Milner collects a fourth after a clever interchange involving Tom Cleverley and Theo Walcott. And Leighton Baines finishes off hapless Moldova with a deflected free kick.
Cleverley and Oxlade Chamberlain caught the eye. And Frank Lampard spoke glowingly of the Arsenal youngster.
“And Alex was brilliant. He lit up the first half with his injection of pace and running with the ball. It’s great to see exciting young players like that playing for England. “
Roy Hodgson starts his 2014 World Cup campaign swimmingly. David Beckham started his international career at Kishinev sixteen years ago as England won 3-0 win in their 1998 World Cup qualifiers. Pretty historical milestones, wouldn’t you say?

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One comment on “World Cup qualifiers: England crush hapless Moldova, 5-0
  1. great blog by the way, I have read a lot of comments on twitter, and cant believe some England fans who have critisised or put the team down for beating a pub team.
    The facts are in recent years England have struggled against smaller nations, and this is the biggest win for a long time and the 1st time they have scored five since that night in Germany.
    Lampard and Gerrard looked good and I was impressed with Baines,
    Reservations over Glen Johnson and up front, as Defoe wasted a lot of chacnes

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