Arsenal finally managed to beat Manchester United in an EPL game after 12 previous unsuccessful attempts.United were hampered by a team that had many key players out because of injury.Rooney,back in the squad,tottered and pottered around and did not do much else.If reports are to be believed,he will shortly be making a dignified exit to China- and that will spare him and everyone else further embarassament.
Mourinho rested some of his other players – because he wanted them fresh for the Europa League second leg against Celta Vigo.
Arsenal made most of the weakened nature of the oppostion.Wenger,much beleagured and under fire,did not gloat over this long awaited win.Arsenal will have to make it to the top four if he needs to end this season with a few shreds of credibility still intact.And that will still take some doing.
Highlights …

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