Chelsea crisis turns out to be a storm in a teacup

Chelsea’s shock opening day defeat to Burnley had seemed to suggest that the club was in a bit of a crisis because of Conte’s problems with Costa and his annoyance at the lack of new transfers etc.But that’s turned out to be alarmist propoganda.They have chalked up their second win of the season by beating a Rooney enhanced Everton very comfortably.
Fabregas celebrated his return to the side by scoring the first goal and Morata scored the other one.
Rooney did make his presence felt.The fire in him that was visible only fitfully in his last couple of years at Manchester United can be seen blazing brightly again.He’s not ready to go quietly into the night so soon.He was buzzing around the field for most of the game,continuously haranguing the referee at the same time.He did not score but the ref gave him a yellow card in the 71st minute for his efforts.
Highlights .

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