England 0 Portugal 0 (end of regulation)

Onto extra time. A battle of attrition. Beckham comes out with an injury, Lennon gets in and injects new life into the English attack. Rooney gets into it with Nuno Valente by stepping on his groin (very adverently) and is red carded. End of story. Not really. England defends resolutely denying Portugal. Maniche goes Lampard blasting the ball (although I think his aim is marginally better). Terry and Ferdinand have been stout.
Golden Marcelo Balboa moment: Lennon gets taken down just outside the penalty box for an England free kick. Balboa says “You miss Beckham in this situation but you still got Gerrard, and you’ve got … you’ve got…, you’ve got…. (voice trails off). The camera helpfully pans onto Lampard who is preparing to take the free kick, focuses on him, you can see his name on his jersey for at least 20 seconds. And then Balboa, “you’ve got…. Ashley Cole.”
Balboa, “you havta, you’ve gotta, you wanta.”

One comment on “England 0 Portugal 0 (end of regulation)
  1. Is someone compiling these comments from the ABC/ESPN broadcast teams? I hope so. All those dufus moments would probably add up to 30 minutes of Internet video….

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