Adebayor out: Milan chases Luis Fabiano and Huntelaar

The reason why Adebayor has decided to recommit himself to Arsenal probably has less to do with a new found fervour to set the record straight and more to do with clubs losing interest in a high priced striker with an inconsistent work ethic and output.
Last season, his renewed commitment was the equivalent of crying wolf.
Milan showed an initial interest in Adebayor. But Adriano Galliani has been spotted in Spain recently, to apparently negotiate with Sevilla for the services of Luis Fabiano whose goal scoring spree at the Confederations Cup has made him a very attractive target. Fabiano himself as said he would love to add to the Brazilian colony at Milan playing alongside Dida, Pato, Ronaldinho, and Thiago Silva.
Real is also expected to prune their bloated squad which will yield some lower priced talent. Striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar leads a Dutch exodus out of Real and Milan is looking to snare him on a loan transfer. The club’s pursuit of Edin Dzeko should have been made it clear they are pursuing cheaper talent than the £25 million that Arsenal is asking for Adebayor. Other clubs have shifted focus as Chelsea seem to be concentrating their energy on retaining John Terry. Inter are hanging onto Zlatan Ibrahamovic for another year. Samuel Eto’o might stay on in Barca despite City enticing him with record breaking wages.
His agent Stephen Courbis now appears to be hedging his bets.
When pressed if Adebayor definitely wanted to stay at Arsenal, Courbis was clear. “Yes. It’s the same [situation] as last week,” he said, referring to comments that it was up to Wenger to declare his position regarding Adebayor. Wenger seems to be more ambivalent ,”If he does not want to stay he will leave, but I think that he will be still at Arsenal this season.”
I suspect that Wenger would sell him in a flash for the right amount but clubs despite the early interest are not biting. For a handful of clubs £25 million may be chump change but for most it is serious money. Adebayor may move as a part of a more reasonable player plus money deal. But this may take place later in the transfer window as clubs become more desperate to land players after their first targets do not pan out.
This Mirror article reprises a wish that Soccerblog had written more than a month ago but it is less likely to happen as Milan is pursuing other targets. Gunner fans might have to steel themselves for some more Adebuyer’s remorse this coming season.

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