Torres commits to Liverpool

Looks like Roy Hodgson has to take credit for this with a boost from Kenny Dalglish. The new manager traveled to Spain after the World Cup to tell El Nino what his plans for the club were and how he would fit in with those plans.
So far the post Rafa Benitez exodus has been limited to Yossi Benayoun, Albert Riera, and now possibly, Javier Mascherano.
Liverpool should be able to mount a strong challenge to finish in the top four.
Fernando Torres:
“My commitment and loyalty to the club and to the fans is the same as it was on my first day when I signed.”
Soccerblog had predicted he would stay– he still has to much to prove for the club and with his injuries that has not been possible. Say what you will, El Nino has shown that he’s not a fly by night operator. Good for him. It also helps that no one in the world can afford £70m for a gamble on a frequently injured striker. Not even City is that stupid and that is saying a lot.

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2 comments on “Torres commits to Liverpool
  1. Torres staying at Liverpool could be disastrous for Torres but in a way I sort of understand why he stayed.
    I mean the guy just won the world cup and even tho his impact was minimal, the fact that he just won the world cup sort of leaves u with a “ive won the greatest tournament.” I think he sort of decided to stay at liverpool with a satisfied mind not a “im hungry for more.” If he had lost the World Cup, id bet a million bucks seeing him in a chelsea shirt…
    just like ronaldinho…the guy has won everything so his motivation to play has dropped. not saying torres play has dropped but champions league is not his ultimate prize, he just won it so now it could be more like, im here, lets try and do something from the ground up…a new challenge

  2. Liverpool should be a more settled club this season with the Chinese help and a very good manager. I think this is why Torres has stayed, he also has had alot of injuries, he needs an injury free season to give him confidence to go to other clubs.

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