Mario Balotelli makes a complete ass of himself

Even the LA Galaxy players cringe as Mario Balotelli probably trying to copycat Theyab Awana from open play misses miserably with his back heel.
An incensed Roberto Mancini reacts immediately subbing him with James Milner. It gets even uglier on the sidelines as Balotelli angry at being replaced after 30 minutes tells Mancini to stick it where the sun don’t shine or words to that effect after which the Inter manager goes after him as the striker stalks off.
It’s worth taking a look at who replaced him. James Milner. Measurably less talented than Balotelli but few who can match him for effort and professionalism. With City’s multi million dollar signings it’s going to be a struggle to make appearances but he remains unfazed. Like a good foot soldier he’s vowed to fight for his position. And here is Balotelli who could care less if he is on the team or not. There is a sign which says go back to Italy and join MIlan.

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